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Hi there and welcome to uberLosAngeles.today. I want to share all the information with you today so you can email me today, you can text me today. I’m available for you today, all 365 days a year if you need any additional help, if you have general questions regarding Los Angeles. It’s the city that I know the best. I think I’ve referred more Drive in LA than anyone else out there according to the head office. So online I’m known as the Rideshare Professor. Go to ridedhareprofessor.com. You will see videos of Los Angeles where I share the information freely with you, how to make 10 to 20% more than anyone else. So my email, my texts are beneath this video. If you want to meet with me personally in LA, whether you’re in the valley ,in the South Bay, the beach area, Santa Monica, Hollywood, West Hollywood Pasadena, wherever it is, even in Ventura County, Thousand Oaks or Malibu. We can get together, I will show you all the ins and outs and you can join under my code and get the highest referral bonus and guarantee. Drive safe.

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